Audio/Video production services

At KLT Design, we have the experience, creativity, and equipment required to help you develop and distribute excellent audio and video content across today’s digital landscape. Our capabilities include TV commercials, documentaries, business promo videos, motion graphics, interviews, podcasts, and more.  

Why video content is beneficial to your website

Over the last 5 years as Internet Providers increased bandwidth and cell phone providers utilized 4G capabilities, the consumption and incorporation of videos on business websites grew significantly. In fact, by 2017, according to a study performed by Hyperfine Media, 96% of the top 1000 business-to-business companies were already utilizing video on their websites. And no surprise, small businesses smartly began to follow suite.

But are there really advantages to creating video content? Definitely, and here are a few:

•  Your site is more likely to rank higher in Google
•  Video has been shown to boost conversion rates and sales
•  Video has shown to build trust in a brand
• Video keeps people on your website longer (again, helps with Google rankings)
•  68% of people would rather watch a video rather than read an article
•  Videos provide an opportunity to share your brand’s personality
•  Video testimonials powerfully reinforce your brand promise
•  Videos are simply the best way to demonstrate or explain a product
•  33% of all online activity is on video consumption
•  92% of mobile video viewers share videos with their network
•  64% percent of people make a purchase after watching branded social videos

There are literally hundreds of additional statistics out there that prove the point that video is an important piece in brand development and integrated marketing efforts.