User Experience Design

What is UX Design?

UX Design is the process of designing great interactions between people and your business. This includes the totality of the technology, content, interaction, service, and aesthetics that people experience from all touchpoints. If executed well, UX Design can provide a company with a competitive advantage in their market as well-designed products and services have been shown to lead towards higher customer satisfaction ratings, increased brand trust, increased sales, and increased usage and adoption.

How UX Design can help your business

While UX Design not only can create great experiences for the user of a product, it can end up saving a company a lot of time and money. What we often see are companies relying on their developers to design, develop, and launch products based on assumptions or quantitative data alone. Additionally, these developers, while often very talented, are not trained in User Interface (UI) design. This can lead to poorly designed products that ultimately don’t serve the user’s needs. After implementation, the company begins to realize these issues are and are forced to go back to the design and/or functionality. And unfortunately, this state of fixing problems after coding can cost up to 100x more than resolving the problem prior to coding.*

The Design Thinking process

At KLT Design, we execute User Experience Design through a process called Design Thinking. Design Thinking, widely considered best practice in UX Design, is a 6-step process that ensures that the development of a company’s products or services truly aligns with the needs and desires of your target audience.

The six steps process includes empathizing with customers or users of the product, identifying pain points and clearly defining the problem to be solved, ideating solutions to the problem, prototyping a select number of solutions, testing and iterating the prototypes with the target audience, and then forwarding the approved design to developers for implementation.